Love is in the air.

Because we are going to Casan(u)ova again! We are in love with this 350-year-old building, a historic and aristocratic summer residence and the hospitality of the Casanuova family. They carefully restored every detail, created gardens and terraces, and made life explode among abandoned vineyards and olive groves. It’s the perfect place to restore and renew, for magic morning flows and rejuvenating evening classes. Improving your mental and physical health. Supporting your dreams and allowing yourself to be nourished.

As you all know, bodies are a force for change. I started at the age of 5, when my mother let me take dance classes with a lady of strong character. On the way home as it grew dark, I wandered the empty streets, amazed how even the garbage cans looked beautiful. Other teachers followed, yoga teachers, meditation teachers from Manhattan, Chennai, Pune, Munich, London and Napoli. Whenever I feel like I am stuck in my head, the one thing that makes me feel free is moving. Many times when i was younger going far beyond the edge of safety.

Life demands exchange and I am happy to have become a teacher myself. This is why I want to thank you! Everyone I meet in class teaches me that to live is change.

So, beautiful people, onward and upward, accept the challenge and let’s create good times together!

You can join us on the small island of Rügen for our Spring Awakening Retreat for a long weekend of yoga and juice fasting, March 23 – 26 2023 (language of teaching is German.

Or join us in Tuscany for the second Yoga & La Dolce Vita 6 Day International Yoga Retreat near Florence, May 29 – June 3 2023. (language of teaching is English)

We have a whole new year ahead of us. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could all be a little more gentle to each other, and a little more loving, have a little more empathy, as Judy Garland suggests. Less violence too, i guess, or Ahimsa, non-violence, according to Patanjali, our very own Sigmund Freud of the yoga philosophy.

The yogis of the past practiced ahimsa as part of their spiritual development. Practicing ahimsa takes courage and skill and challenges us on both a physical and mental level. Refraining from thoughts and words that can cause pain to others and refraining from retaliating when insulted or unjustly criticized are some examples of ahimsa. “Ahimsa pratishtayam tat sannidhau vairatyagaha’’ (Yoga Sutra II. 35)

Let’s discuss at the Locanda Casanuova,

There will be also yin yoga and sounds, anatomy workshops for shoulder, hip and knee joints, as well as pranayama and classy sweaty vinyasa flow.

So looking forward to this.


PS: This is a small lemon pudding (above). And this (below) is a variation of Vasisthasana, a fantastic arm and wrist strengthener and a bit of a balance pose too. Yes, it’s all about balance.